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# Expand Your Legal Expertise

Free Workshop on Enforcement of ADR Settlements in India

Introduction to ADR

Grasp the foundational principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Navigate through various ADR mechanisms relevant to the Indian context.

Importance of Settlements

Recognize the significance of amicable settlements in legal disputes.

Examine real-life case studies showcasing successful ADR outcomes.

Enforcement Procedures

Understand the legal framework for enforcing ADR settlements in India.

Gain practical insights and procedural knowledge.
# Expand Your Legal Expertise

About the Workshop

This workshop is thoughtfully curated to provide participants with practical insights into the enforcement of ADR settlements. Led by the esteemed Adv. Tejas Sateesha Hinder, a distinguished advocate at the Karnataka High Court and a legal scholar, the session will cover key aspects of ADR, enforcement procedures, and invaluable tips for navigating this evolving legal landscape.

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Minutes of Session

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Workshop Giveaways


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Who Should Attend

Join our exclusive FREE Workshop on "Enforcement of ADR Settlements in India" and delve into the nuanced world of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Legal Practitioners and Professionals specialising in dispute resolution.
Law Students and recent graduates interested in ADR and enforcement Procedures.
Professionals considering a career transition to ADR and dispute resolution.
Anyone passionate about advancing their knowledge in ADR settlements.

Date and Time

Date: February 25th, 2024 (Sunday)
Time: 12:30 PM (IST)

Note: Workshop timings are subject to change. Registered participants will be notified of any updates.

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