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About the webinar

CV/Cover Letter is your chance to showcase yourself and your qualifications as a job candidate. This is where you describe your skills and experience, why you want this job, how your skills will benefit the company, and how you plan to advance within the organization. Writing a CV is not a difficult thing to do, but you should know how to present your skills and experience in the best way possible. Whether it is a professional CV or a personal CV, you need to be able to write down all your achievements in an organized manner with high quality. In this course, you will learn how to create your own well-written and effective CV that will help you land a better job opportunity. You’ll discover how to make it an amazing piece of work that can win over your prospective employer!

Who should attend the webinar

  1. Students pursuing the degree.
  2. Students just graduated and stepping into their professional career.
  3. Or anyone who wants to increase their chance of getting an interview.

LedX factors/ Takeaways

  1. Get tips and tricks for writing a winning CV that will secure you the interviews you want.
  2. Master the art of writing the right way to apply for the desired opportunity.
  3. Practice how to present yourself best .
  4. Recieve E certificate.
  5. Opportunity to win exciting offers with LedX.

Ms. Rashmi Shukla

Head of Academic Coordination & Strategy at LedX

Date of the webinar

Date: 13th July,2022

Time: 07:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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