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Tax & White Collar Litigation - Scope & Future

#Expand Your Legal Horizons

About the workshop

Tax and White Collar Litigation are dynamic areas of law that play a crucial role in safeguarding financial integrity and ensuring compliance. This workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the scope and future prospects in these legal domains. By attending this workshop, you will delve into the complexities of tax disputes and white-collar crimes, equipping yourself with knowledge that can shape your legal career.

Workshop Highlights/ Takeaways

Unveiling the World of Tax Litigation

1. Examine key principles of tax law and litigation.
2. Analyze recent tax litigation cases and their implications.
3. Understand the role of tax lawyers and advisors.

White Collar Litigation: Navigating Legal Challenges

1. Explore the realm of white-collar crimes and investigations.
2. Learn about legal strategies for defending and prosecuting white-collar cases.
3. Discuss emerging trends and ethical considerations.

Internships, Career and Future Opportunities

1. Gain insights into career prospects in Tax and White Collar Litigation.
2. Network with professionals and experts in the field.
3. Receive guidance on building a successful legal career.

Mr. Sankalp Malik
Advocate, Delhi High Court B.A.LL.B, Amity University Law

Who should attend the workshop

Legal practitioners

Tax lawyers and consultants

Criminal defense attorneys

Compliance officers

Law students and graduates

Anyone interested in tax and white-collar litigation

Date and Time of the workshop

1st October,2023

Note: Please note that the workshop timings are subject to change. Participants will be notified in advance in case of any changes.

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