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Cyber Law & Cyber Crime Litigation Masterclass

5 Days 5 Power-Packed Sessions 

Welcome to the most comprehensive and advanced learning experience in the field of Cyber Law and Cyber Crime Litigation in India. Join us for five immersive sessions under the guidance of legal expert,  as we delve deep into the world of cyber laws, data protection, cybercrime investigation, and ethical hacking. This masterclass is designed to empower legal practitioners, students, and anyone interested in understanding and excelling in this rapidly evolving domain.

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Day 1

Module 1 :

 Understanding Cyber Laws in India

- Introduction to Cyber Laws in India

- The Information Technology Act, 2000

- Recent Amendments and Developments

- Legal Framework for Cyber Offenses

- Role of Cyber Tribunals and Courts

Day 2

Module 2 :

 Cyber Crime Investigation and Forensics

- Cyber Crime Investigation Process

- Digital Evidence Collection and Preservation

- Forensic Tools and Techniques

- Cybercrime Reporting Mechanisms

- Handling Cybercrime Cases as Legal Practitioners

- Shareholder Agreements

- Board Resolutions and Minutes

Day 3

Module 3 :

Data Protection and Privacy Laws

- Overview of Data Protection Laws in India

- Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019

- GDPR and its Implications

- Data Privacy Compliance for Businesses

- Data Breach Response and Reporting

Day 4

Module 4:

E-Commerce, Social Media, and Cyber Defamation

- Legal Challenges in E-Commerce Transactions

- Regulations for Online Marketplaces

- Defamation and Online Reputation Management

- Social Media and Legal Implications

- Tackling Online Harassment and Cyberbullying

Day 5

Module 5:

 Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

- Ethical Hacking as a Legal Profession

- Importance of Cybersecurity

- Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

- Legal Aspects of Ethical Hacking

- Cybersecurity Best Practices